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Monday, July 4, 2011

Canteenshop Stove and Thistle Soup - A Simple and Quick Review

Ok, so there were these thistles, and they were just standing there, the very tops of the stalks looking all tender, ready to eat. Well, you know you just have to go for it. You have that canteen full of water, the canteen cup and of course that Canteenshop Grilltop Stove Stand that just happens to nest around all of the others. Put it all together and you have fresh veggie soup for dinner. Seems really easy, right?
Well the thistle soup was really good, but it took forever to get the fire started and to keep it going long enough to boil the water. We have had so many days of rain, that all the "dry" wood was really still pretty soaked on the inside. So it would burn for a while, then steam a bit, than burn some more... on and on. But finally, it all came together and the stove performed fantastically. If you don't have a means of building a small fire, heating some water and just getting small things heated up, please consider something like the Canteenshop Grilltop Stove Stand or other cooking and heating solution (like a hobo stove from a coffee can or even the Ikea utinsel strainer works good with a couple of skewers). It is well worth the cost. A small alcohol stove for under the grill would work also, especially when things are really, really wet. Happy exploring...
Canteenshop Grilltop Stove Stand

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