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Monday, July 23, 2012

Summertime Treat: Sumac-Ade! Pink Tea!

   Had some good dirt time on Sunday, despite a little rain, and so decided to treat myself to one of my favorite summer time drinks by harvesting some Sumac berries. They are just now getting to full ripeness around here and I just could not resist gathering some for a good, tart "lemonade" or rather "Sumac-Ade" kind of drink. This beverage, once finished, contains a lot of vitamin C and electrolytes and is a good energy boost when you need it.
   So here is a short video of the process I used and I hope that if you are in an area that has sumac and it has ripe berries, you will give this a try. It only takes a couple cups and an all purpose bandana to work as a filter.

 Dirt time is always more fun when food and drink is involved. Happy Exploring!

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