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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Improvising A Mallet And The Scotch Eyed Auger

   As it was the last Saturday of the year, I decided to take advantage of it and get out for some dirt... or ah rather, make that snow time.
   As I arrived at the park, snow started to come down in beautiful and sparkling flakes. The freshly fallen snow and still morning air made for a surreal quiet that set the mood for what would be a great solo trip.
   I didn't feel the best when I first started out, so I was not going to push it. That's why I at first decided on a simple twig fire. But as usual, once I got out and about, things started to improve and I started to feel better.
   I have discovered that most of my outings usually involve some sort of firecraft practice and some other bushcraft skill practice or lesson. And once the fire is going, I usually will boil some water for a meal or a hot beverage.
   I like to experiment with different fire methods and today it was to make fire with a flint and steel, charred cloth and natural tinder gathered on site. The cedar bark was just a little on the moist side and I thought with packing it in my bandana and warming it up inside my jacket, I might be able to coax it into flame. It took some time to get it warmed up and dried enough, but in the end I prevailed.
   I also got a chance to make a mallet using a christmas gift that I gifted myself and that was a 1" scotch eyed auger that I ordered from a seller on ebay who was based in Great Britain. It took a few days to arrive, but I am very pleased with the 1" auger and look forward to using it on many more outings.
   So here is the video of my last solo day trip for the year 2012. It has been a good year for me bushcraft-wise and I am very pleased with the number of posts I have been able to share with you my friends here at Minnesota Bushcraft, and I look forward to sharing many more adventures in 2013.

   I had a lot of fun today, making this video and I am still working on my style. I am excited about discovering more of what I can create with my video equipment and will hopefully soon be able to work with multiple cameras. Thanks for watching and until next time, Happy Exploring.


  1. Myke is that a Becker BK2 that you have? How do you like it? Any complaints? thanks, Doug.

    1. Hello Doug,
      Yes indeed, that is the Becker BK2. I've had it now for a couple years and what can I say, it is one of my favorites.
      My knife choice however, changes with the seasons and when winter rolls around, I prefer to have a good chopper and one that I can baton without worry. So in the winter, I tend to use the BK2 and in the fall, smaller knives like my Mora clipper or even my Mora 2 or I use a BK14. In the middle of summer, I just carry my SAK farmer for most chores.
      I hope that answers you question. But the BK2 is definitely worth checking out.

  2. OK thanks for the info on the BK2.... I have the SAK Farmer and really like it as well... please keep the videos coming ~ Doug.