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Saturday, June 18, 2011

On Discovering Signs of Bushcraft

   This is an interesting discovery in the wilderness that is the Minneopa State Park in southern Minnesota near the city of Mankato. I have spent many hours and days of "dirt time" in this state park, and on occasion I come across some evidence of someone practicing their bushcraft skills. 

   Here I found the remains of a debris shelter, with most of the leaves having fallen off and leaving behind a skeleton of it's once cozy surrounds. This is the second shelter site that I have found so far of this kind in this state park, yet no indication of having been occupied recently. I find it kind of odd, yet somewhat fascinating that there is someone else out here practicing bushcraft, yet we have never met. I know that in the future I will revisit this site and be thankful that someone has gathered all these materials ahead of time for me. It would not take much to refurbish this shelter in an emergency. I can see why someone chose this location. It is located on a good look out, with a nice breeze to keep the bugs at bay and well away from the rest of the park traffic that would afford some good privacy and solitude. 
   I hope some day to meet my fellow traveler, and maybe share a meal, some stories and tales and muse on the wonders of bushcraft. One thing I keep in my ruck is a Mora #2 that I got on Ebay for $10. It is my intention someday, if I meet a fellow traveler in need, to give them my spare knife and wish them well, and if someone should ever do the same for me, I will have to be sure to have a coin on hand to give them, to keep the tradition alive. More on this tale as it develops. Happy exploring.

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