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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Three Tool Buddies...

   So it has been awhile since I last posted to the blog, and since then a lot has happened. The State of Minnesota has settled on a budget and the state is open for business. What this means is that the state parks are again open for adventure. Yeah!! So game on...
   In the middle of July I headed out to Cheyenne, WY to visit my father for his 80th birthday. One of the days my father, my brother and I spent wandering the trails in the Medicine Bow National Forest in the Laramie Peak Range. This is a beautiful part of Wyoming that is home to black bear, mountain lion, elk, antelope and of course open range long horn cattle. I will try to post a picture or two and talk about the trip in a later post. So why this picture you are asking? More after the jump.
   As some of you might know, I am a member of BushcraftUSA. If you are not a member I would highly recommend joining this wonderful community of outdoor enthusiasts and bushcraft practitioners. It is such a great group and you will learn so much through the forums and the many "experts" that share their experiences. Even after being a bushcrafter for so many years you can still learn from this community. After all, it is all about the learning and the knowledge. Don't even hesitate to join. It is the best.
   This week, one of the members is having a Giveaway of a Firesteel. The only requirement to be included in the drawing/selection is to post a picture of your "User Combo" basically your Axe, your Saw and your Knife. So I thought, what a great reason to get out in the bush, to take pictures of gear. I grabbed the pack, and headed out to the Minneopa State Park to find a good looking backdrop for my bushtool buddies. I ended up at the Minneopa Falls area and it was just a perfect day. Got the picture I needed and then continued to do some more exploring with my bush buddy, Christian.
   Christian is a my seven year old godson, and all around cub scout. He loves getting into the bush with me. It is so much fun to teach him all kinds of things about bushcraft and to be able to start with him so early in his life will hold him in good stead. He is so observant and brings many things and many questions to my attention. They are always asking "why?" at that age. I am sure we will have many more adventures. Today we enjoyed wading down stream looking for rocks and such and just learning the river banks. There is chert to be found in that river bed, and I could use more for flint knapping.
   Next up, I will do a quick review of five books relating to Minnesota flora and fauna, and all of those written by the same author. An incredible resource for any outdoor enthusiast. Also, I am refurbishing an axe/hatchet that I bought at a garage sale for $5 dollars. It is a Sandvik (Swedish steel) and it's coming along nicely. Pictures to follow. Happy exploring.

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