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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Simple Debris Shelter

   The day started out looking like rain, but you know when you just have to get out there and get in some dirt time, a threat of rain is not going to stop you. I had it in my mind to throw up a debris shelter because number one, it seemed like a good idea and number two, it's just plain fun. I found a good location in my favorite area and set about gathering up the dead tree poles I would need to construct the lean-to. I took advantage of a natural rock outcropping on the side of a small hill slopping from there to a steep decline to the valley floor below. So it is located on a flat area just over the ridge line, but before the fall off. It looks larger from the front and looks like this from the back.
    The very best part about debris shelters are just how easily they blend into the natural landscape. That is, unless you are trying to find your way back to your shelter in the dark, then there is a problem. At that point it is best to "leave the light on" even if it is not a Red Roof Inn. My hope is that this shelter will last for awhile and not be discovered or destroyed. I am hoping to use it as we move into the fall season around here and have many a fire and meal there. I also intend to bring my bush buddy Christian out there to show him what is possible and to have him help in building up the "camp". I know he will like it.
   So that was the bushcraft for the weekend, and it is about as simple as it gets. I know that more sides can be added and even a tarp for more of an overhang out front would afford even more shelter from the rain, but this is a start. Next time maybe adding on yet another wall will be in order and certainly cooking up a couple meals. For now, Happy Exploring.
  Decided to make a quick video to add to this article... enjoy.

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