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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Display of Skills: The Arctic Mouth Drill

   As it was my privilege to attend the 2012 Hardwoodsman Meet near Ashland, MO, I was truly impressed with the incredible display of skills by many of the BushcraftUSA members that attended. I met some of the finest woodsman in the country, and felt as if I was in the presence of giants. One of woodsman that showed up and goes by the screen name "Redmech", took the time to demonstrate a fire making method known as the "Arctic Mouth Drill." He had posted video and some of his success with it on the BushcraftUSA forum website, but this in person demonstration was to me an amazing show of "mad" bushcraft skill. We were in near darkness with just our flashlights kind of guiding us around. Redmech kept working with his knife in near dark, to prepare his little drill set. It is based on the standard bow drill for friction fire, only it is much smaller and can fit in the palm of your hand. He worked steadily, and continued perfecting the tools until he had success. Here is the video I was able to capture of that moment. I am still amazed.

I hope you were amazed as much as I was. This is something that I will have to try at some point, just to learn yet another method of starting fire. I was very fortunate to be able to create my first ember with a hand drill on that weekend, but I will save that story for later. I am still amazed by all that talent and skill shown on that weekend in April, when some of the best took the time to share what they know, to help us all become better woodsman. If I am ever considered by some to be a good woodsman, it will be because I was able to stand on the shoulders of giants. Happy Exploring.

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