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Friday, October 26, 2012

Confessions of a Canvas-oholic

Ok, I have to admit it. I am a canvas-oholic. At least the urge to buy canvas items for my kit does not strike me often. But then along comes this gun show and well, you know how it is.

And I don't really consider myself a traditionalist in any way, but I think that ever since my Dad bought me my first canvas boy scout pack, "the Yucca", I have always associated canvas with being in the out-of-doors and being in the wilderness in a real way. So I added this latest find to my collection, which includes my Yucca (still have it), a couple Duluth packs (a #3 and a #4), two USGI shelter halves, a Boyscout Voyager tent (which I just may convert to a hot winter shelter like IAwoodmans did), a Finnish Gas Mask bag (I love that thing and I blame BushcraftUSA member Panzer, thanks a lot brother.) and a couple of miscellaneous canvas pouches of unknown origin for tinder and other gatherings.

So now that you know the extent of my "illness", I still have not pulled the trigger on anything from Frost River nor have I considered any kind of 12 Step program. I don't really have a problem, yet. I console myself with the fact that there are many others who have it far worst than me. I could never pretend to compete with some of them, on any level, for their love of all things canvas.

With that said, here are a couple pictures of my $15 deal from a recent gun show and if you are as fond of canvas and leather as I am, you are probably already trying to think of a few good modifications for it. I will need to repair the shoulder straps a little, but otherwise it is in pretty good shape. I just might have to get the cargo pack that goes with it next. (You see how insidious canvas can get.)

Combat Field Ruck M1945
And yet another photo from the shoulder strap side...

  I think I will have to raise the should strap attachment points a little bit and possibly find a way to make the straps removable so that I can add an "over the shoulder" type strap like I have on my Finnish Gas Mask Bag. I will also consider some padding for the straps and some leather tie downs. This will be a fun pack to take out for some day trips.
   I hope this gets you considering what kind of pack works for you, whether it be a ruck for simple day hikes, something larger for the occasional overnight or the even larger 3 day packs. Whatever you consider, some kind of a container for all you stuff is an important piece of gear to consider and it is a very personal matter. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with canvas and leather. Happy Exploring.

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