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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sharpen Your Knife

   So I decided to get one more Bushclass USA basic requirement out of the way. This one was for "Student Practice to Sharpen Your Knife". But first before I get you to the video link, I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to check out BushcraftUSA and consider joining this great online community. There is so much information to be found within the threads and posts of this forum site. Also, the online Bushclass will guide you thru many lessons that will help you to improve your skills and give you a better understanding of bushcraft.
   So here is my "How I Did It" video on sharpening your knife.

More after the jump.

   The most important piece of your bushcraft kit is your knife, so it is very important to keep it sharp. A dull knife is a dangerous knife. Your knife is your friend, and within the world of bushcraft, it is one of the main tools capable of saving your life. So if your life depends on it being sharp, you need to get a good handle on how to get that razor edge that will handle any of the jobs you throw at it. Hopefully the video was a great help and will guide you into looking at other sharpening systems that will fit your particular needs. Just remember, always cut or carve away from your body, and with great blade control. Happy Exploring.

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