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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cooking Bread With Fire

   So the weather forecast was for snow today. I looked at the little weather app I have on my Ipad and it said that it would start snowing in my area around 2:30 pm. Hmmmm, seems that if I could get out the door and into the bush for a little dirt time, say around 1 pm, I might just be able to do yet another Bushclass USA required lesson. Getting it done before it snows. This one is called "Student Practice for Cooking Bannock with Fire". Sounded like fun. Of course I was required to take pictures or video and since I have found it easier lately to make the videos, I packed up the video gear and headed out for the adventure. I have cooked a lot of various foods in the wilderness over the years, but I still like cooking or making bread the most. It is a staple, when it comes to food in the bush. Having a good flour mix for making some kind of bread, is always a good thing. So here is the video of "How I Do It" and I hope you enjoy it.

   I have but three more lessons to complete, before I get the go ahead to do some more extensive outings that will combine or feature most of the skills demonstrated or learned in the Bushclass series.So I will have more videos and pictures yet to come. I hope you find them informative, my friends. Happy Exploring.

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