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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Little Fun With Four Basic Knots

   One of the requirements needed for BushclassUSA is to demonstrate four basic knots used in bushcraft. These are the tautline, which is used in tensioning tarp and tent setups most often when stakes are involved. The advantage is the tautline can be "slipped" into position and it will stay there under tension. The sheetbend, used to join two different sized ropes or pieces of cordage. Then there is the two half-hitches, used to tie cordage to anchor points as is a general slip not. Finally, there is the "Figure 8 on a Bite" which is used to make a none-slipping "eyelet" to act as an attachment point for other devices such as caribiners or toggles or even other pieces of cordage.
   The lesson plan for BushclassUSA is to complete 13 requirements and 5 electives out 7 possible, (your choice) before you can continue to complete the course by doing 5 "outings", one of which must be an overnight. I have personally been doing these kinds of things in bushcraft for a very long time, so I guess my outings to practice the required student lessons have been more or less unsanctioned. Oh well, it is hard to keep a good bushcrafter down. I just have to be out there in the wilderness.
   Since the "Student Practice For Four Basic Knots" was my last one "required" before my "outings", I decided to have some fun with it. I hope you enjoy the video.

   My hats off to "Red Green" and all our pals in "Canoodia" as they say, for their fine comedic sense and I hope that this gives you some ideas about learning some basic knots and will help you in your pursuit of the BushclassUSA Basic Certification. Knots are a lot of fun to learn, and will stay with you for a very long time. They are needed in bushcraft, so please learn them. As always, Happy Exploring.

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