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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Day Out With My Bush Buddy

   Today was a good day to get out, and so my best bush buddy and I headed out to practice some bushcraft and to test out our preparedness for cold weather outings. If you are active in the practice of bushcraft and have the chance to share that experience with kids, do it. It is a great opportunity to teach them skills that will last them a life time, and carry them forward to even more adventures and a continued love and curiousity for the wilderness and the out-of-doors. I hope you enjoy this short video of our expedition.

   Winter is still a great time to get out and enjoy the wilderness, but be prepared for any changes in the weather and plan ahead, should your conditions change. I will try to address the issues of winter preparedness in a later post and some hints as to how to handle certain conditions. It is all about what you have in your bushcraft kit and what you can improvise along the way. Happy Exploring.

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